The Value of a CAA Membership: A Member Experience Story

By CAA Saskatchewan

Meet Gwen Keith.

Gwen is a resident of Regina, has been a CAA member for the last 30 years, and uses her CAA membership as part of her everyday lifestyle.

We had a chat with her about her experience being a CAA member and about how much she values having CAA Saskatchewan as a part of her life.


How long have you been a CAA member?

For almost 30 years, CAA has been a part of my work life, family life, and has been there throughout all my travel adventures – like a “faithful friend” supporting me along my many adventures.

I am a baby boomer and lead a busy lifestyle. I’ve learned that CAA is much more than just roadside assistance. CAA is a trusted brand that helps to keep you safe and takes care of you particularly with challenging life circumstances.


How has CAA Roadside Assistance assisted you?

I commute from Regina to Weyburn and back every day for work. CAA Roadside Assistance has been there for me on those long drives.

CAA has also been there for my adult children “like having a rent a dad.” If their vehicles broke down, had a flat tire, ran out of gas, needed a boost or if they locked their keys inside.

Life is unpredictable. Having the peace of mind that CAA is there to help at a moment’s notice – is priceless.


Have you booked vacations through CAA?

I have booked vacations through several CAA Stores. The travel consultants are very knowledgeable, detail oriented, offer personalized service and pay close attention to my travel needs.

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The comprehensive tour books, containing CAA’s recommendations, are much appreciated. In 2019, I went on a Disney cruise with my daughters and sons-in-law, and my grandchildren.

It was fabulous – a truly memorable family experience! CAA’s travel planning is so detailed. On another trip, I was supplied with maps and a personalized trip planner through TripTiks.


What about CAA Rewards and other benefits?

Throughout my travels, I show my CAA membership card at participating retailers, hotel chains, and restaurants and appreciate my benefits.

The savings and benefits can be quickly checked at

Speaking of benefits, I was even able to access a notary public at a CAA Store for some legal documents.

And, when I booked my trips, they even asked if my passport was up to date as passport photos can be taken at the stores. They also have great luggage options as they are tried and true for travelling.


Is a CAA membership worth its value?

It’s the human element that CAA provides which is rare and very much appreciated.

In my experience, it’s the staff who have treated me well – showing me a wonderful “presence”, incredible service, and great care and thoughtfulness. I do believe that CAA cares.

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