3 Ways in Which Your CAA Membership Pays for Itself

By CAA Saskatchewan

Having a CAA membership surely has its benefits. While there are some benefits like roadside assistance that you might be most familiar with, there are others that you probably don’t know about. 

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But did you know a CAA membership also effectively pays for itself? Yes, you read that right. Here are three ways through which the benefits of a CAA membership can help you do that. 


1. Roadside Assistance

You can recover the cost of your CAA membership in just 2-3 roadside assistance calls.

In Saskatchewan, on average, it costs about $135 to call a tow truck within city limits. For instances where you’re outside of town, you will need to add $3.25 per kilometer on top of that amount. 

If you’re looking to get a battery boost or unlock your locked vehicle, be prepared to shell about $60 inside city limits, plus any applicable mileage at the same rate mentioned above outside of city limits. 

What this data suggests is that your CAA membership can pay for itself even if you use just 2 of your available 4 (or 5 in the case of Premier members) roadside assistance calls. 


2. CAA Rewards

Another benefit of a CAA membership is CAA Rewards® -- one of Canada's largest loyalty programs. The program allows members to save money and earn CAA Dollars® on everyday shopping.

You can enjoy exclusive deals and discounts at your favourite retailers, shopping stores, restaurants, hotels, entertainment complexes, and travel partners. 

Plus, you can use some of your earned CAA Dollars® towards your membership payments, thereby making it effectively pay for itself.


3. Insurance Discounts

And finally, being a CAA member also allows you to save money on your insurance policy premiums. 

Whether it’s home insurance, pet insurance, or travel insurance, your membership can help you to save up to 12% on those policy premiums.  

Check out one of our blogs where we’ve showcased how having a CAA membership helps members save over $350 on their home insurance coverage. 

Such extra savings can surely come in handy at the time of your CAA membership renewal.  


Unlock a world full of savings with CAA 

A CAA membership is more than just roadside assistance. It’s a way of living a life that gives you the confidence to tackle life’s adventures while allowing you to unlock a world full of savings. 

Maybe your new adventure is that you’ve recently purchased a new home. Start your new journey the right way by protecting your assets and your loved ones through insurance coverage. 

Or maybe you’re thinking about traveling the world. In which case, get the best deals and the most savings by booking a trip through one of our trusted CAA travel consultants. 

Or maybe you’re a road trip enthusiast and are looking to hit the road four to five times a year. Grab a CAA membership and explore those scenic routes with peace of mind and supreme confidence. 

No matter what your adventure is, you can trust us to always keep you safe and have your back.

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