Spring maintenance checklist to protect your home.

By CAA Saskatchewan

Spring is your home's time to shine! With snow melting away and warmer days ahead, this is the perfect time to make sure your home is ready and protected both inside and outside. So, here are 12 essential tasks to help protect and update your home to prevent insurance claims.

Be sure to check these areas outside your home:

  • Check the roof. Look for buckling that could indicate structural damage. Replace any damaged shingles. Examine for rust on metal shingles and cracks in clay, slate, or wood shingles (which can also rot).
  • Clean the gutters. To direct water away from the house, Gutters, eaves, and downspouts must be clear of debris.
  • Repair driveways and walkways. Replace broken paving stones and repair hairline cracks in your driveway with a masonry filler. Wider jagged gaps may need to be repaired by repouring concrete.
  • Touch up woodwork. Look for loose planks and rot on your deck, porch, stairs, railings and fences. Repair and reseal wood as needed.
  • Inspect the foundation. Hairline cracks can usually be fixed with a DIY crack-injection kit. Bigger cracks (especially horizontal ones in concrete) or large gaps between bricks may require a professional to repair them.
  • Prune trees and hedges. Remove any dead or diseased tree limbs and trim any branches that overhang your home. Contact your utility company before pruning trees near power lines.

Always check these spots inside your home:

  • Test the seals on windows and doors. If windows rattle, you can feel a breeze through them, or you can see daylight around the door or window frames, there are gaps that need to be sealed. Seal them with caulking or weatherstripping.
  •  Look over ceilings and walls. Mildew spots, large brown or yellow stains, and bubbling paint are signs of water damage. Call a plumber or restoration specialist.
  • Test sump pumps, sensors and back-flow valves. Make sure the measures you’ve taken to prevent flooding are in place for a wet spring.
  • Clean furnace and air conditioning units. Call an HVAC specialist to ensure that these are working efficiently to help reduce dust and your heating and cooling costs.
  • Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Refresh batteries and replace any expired detectors.
  • Check faucets, drains, and pipes. Look inside cabinets to make sure the pipes and hoses connected to your sinks and dishwasher aren’t leaking. Repair leaky faucets and clear clogged drains—bring in a plumber if necessary.

These helpful tips should help ensure that your home is prepared and safe for you and your family. One final thing to know is that with CAA Home Insurance, you can save 10% off your premiums if you are a member. 

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No better feeling than welcoming spring and having your home ready for the season as you enjoy the warmer months in Saskatchewan without any worries!

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