Tips to help you keep your home equipment running smoothly

By CAA Saskatchewan

No one enjoys the unexpected cost of replacing a washer that just died or a TV fried by a power surge. That’s where Home Equipment Breakdown (HEB) coverage comes in. 

The add-on to your home insurance can cover the costs of fixing or replacing items, such as appliances, electronics, air conditioning and home security systems. “Starting at $30 a year, it’s a small amount to protect the things that matter most, especially now when we’re all at home during the pandemic,” says Lori Madsen, Director of Insurance Services at CAA Saskatchewan. 

This add-on also prevents an insurance claim being charged against your home insurance. Contact your CAA Insurance Consultant to add Home Equipment Breakdown to your policy. And take a few steps to keep your equipment in tip-top shape:

Tune-Up Time

An ounce of prevention, as they say! Give your equipment regular maintenance and attention before it breaks down. To keep things running smoothly, schedule a yearly professional tune-up for your boiler/furnace, central air conditioning unit and water heater.

Dust Be Gone

Regularly pull out your refrigerator to dust the rear coils and vents. It’ll keep the fridge running optimally, and can also help prevent the compressor from going kaput—failure will cause the unit to overheat, spoil your food and potentially leak water.

Avoid Overload

Install a surge protector to prevent voltage spikes in your home electronics—from stereo systems and televisions to phones and laundry appliances. Protect against circuit overloads by using multiple outlets for home office equipment, like computers and printers.

Wash Up

Check laundry appliance hoses for bubbles or cracks, which are precursors to hose rupturing and could lead to flooding and water damage. In the dishwasher, always secure plates and utensils to keep them clear of sprayer arms: A jam could cause the motor to seize.

Dryer DIY

Cleaning out a machine’s lint trap is essential to dry clothes, but make sure you also regularly clear out the dryer vent and trap. Lint buildup can spark a dangerous fire. You should also keep the dryer slightly away from the wall and the immediate area clear of clutter.

Oven Know-How

If you have a gas range, regularly clean the burners to prevent dirt and moisture buildup, which can cause the igniter to fail. It’s best to do a thorough clean weekly. For electric ovens, inspect and clean the elements often—food spills can prevent proper heating.


By Karen Kwan | CAA Saskatchewan Magazine | Spring 2021


Tips to help you keeo your home equipment running smoothly

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