Here's How CAA is Helping Keep School Zones Safe

By CAA Saskatchewan

When children travel to and from school each day, one thing that we can be assured of is that CAA School Safety Patrollers are there to help their schoolmates stay safe at school crossings.

Being CAA School Safety Patrollers means that they’re the extra set of eyes, ears, and helping hands in school zones.

Doing so helps patrollers gain confidence, learn responsibility, develop teamwork skills, and demonstrate pedestrian safety at their school community.

Here are four important ways through which patrollers are making a safety difference:

  1. They encourage and model safe road behaviours.
  2. They help schoolmates stay safe at school crossings.
  3. They display leadership qualities and gain confidence.
  4. They display commitment to their community.


CAA Saskatchewan has coordinated and managed the CAA School Safety Patrol program since 1951. For over 60 years, CAA School Safety Patrollers have helped keep Saskatchewan school zones safe.

There are approximately 4,600 patrollers from 162 schools, representing 70 communities in our province.

We rely on the dedication and support of families and community partners such as school divisions, patrol coordinators, law enforcement agencies, provincial and municipal government, and the business community.

Celebrating CAA School Safety Patrollers

The month of May has been proclaimed by the Honourable Dustin Duncan, Minister of Education, as CAA School Safety Patrol Month.

In recognition of keeping their schoolmates and school zones safe, CAA Saskatchewan presented CAA School Safety Patrol Pride and Honour medals to all 4,600 patrollers across the province.

CAA School Safety Patrol Medal  #2 -min

Furthermore, CAA Saskatchewan also organized its first-ever cross-country CAA School Safety Patroller Festival – a FREE after school virtual event designed exclusively to thank patrollers for their valued volunteer work in helping to keep their school zones safe.

Due to COVID-19 safety restrictions, our annual CAA School Safety Patrol Jamboree is now virtual.

Patrollers, who were inspired by special guests and artists, viewed celebrity messages, took photos in the digital photo booth, and explored the fun zones.

How to Start a CAA School Safety Patrol Program at Your School

Register your school with CAA Saskatchewan. All equipment is provided at no charge by CAA Saskatchewan for your elementary school to start running the program.

These include reflector vests, stop paddles, Captain and Lieutenant pins, plus training materials for coordinators and patrollers.

To start or register a CAA School Safety Patrol at your school, visit

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