How to Improve Hearing: Easy Steps to Hear Better

By Connect Hearing

Whether you’re dealing with hearing loss or not, keeping your ears in good shape can have a real positive impact on your overall life. Making an effort to care for your hearing health is important - regardless of age. However, not many people know exactly what they should be doing to maintain it. Connect Hearing takes a look at several simple and easy to incorporate activities and habits to improve and protect your hearing!


1. Check for ear wax

A build-up of ear wax can have an affect on your overall hearing. If the ear wax is impacted, your ears may not be as receptive to sounds as normal. No need to stress – a wax build up in your ears is very common and easily treated. Talk to your family doctor about a professional ear wax removal. 


2. Turn down the volume

Another important hearing health habit is minimizing your exposure to excessive and harmful noise levels. Noise levels reaching 85 decibels or higher can be harmful, so it's advisable to distance yourself from such loud environments as much as possible. If not, make sure you always wear a form of hearing protection to prevent any potential damage to your hearing. 


3. Exercise Daily

Consistent exercise benefits all areas of our health, including our ears. Going for a walk, run or household chores such as gardening or cleaning are all great ways to get your blood flowing and your hearing circulating better. Just make sure not to have your music volume at a healthy level while you’re doing it! 


4. Yoga

Yoga is a great activity for both your physical and hearing health. Relaxing and stretching in positions like downward dog gets oxygen-rich blood to your head quicker, which may assist with hearing. You don’t necessarily need to attend a class; simply roll out your mat in your home and remember to warmup beforehand. 


5. Practice locating sounds

It’s a good idea to try fine-tuning your focus on noise, as this can help improve hearing. There are various exercises you can do. One of the most popular one involves putting on music in a quiet room and walking around your house while listening; you then attempt to identify certain words and instruments. This helps train your brain to locate and understand sounds with increasing ease and success.


6. Book a hearing test

Getting your hearing tested gives you a baseline to build off of in the future. Just as you do with a regular vision test or checkup at the dentist, a yearly hearing test lets you track changes in your hearing and make adjustments as you need to. You can book an appointment for a free hearing test at any Connect Hearing clinic across Canada. 


7. Use hearing aids

If you’re experiencing some degree of hearing loss, hearing aids may be the right option for you. Today’s modern hearing technology is nothing like the clunky and overly noticeable hearing aids of the past. Depending on the type of hearing aid recommended by hearing healthcare professional, you can choose from a variety of models and styles that suit both your hearing and lifestyle needs!
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