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By CAA Saskatchewan

If you’re reading this blog, then chances are high that you already know what a CAA membership is and the numerous benefits that come along with it 

However, if you’ve stumbled upon this blog in a fortunate stroke of serendipity, then before getting into finer details let us give you a quick overview of what exactly a CAA membership is. Trust us, you want to stick around and read this till the end because the value CAA provides will change your life. 

For those of you who want to jump straight to the juicy part and find out how you can get your membership for free, scroll down straight to the how to get a CAA membership for free section.

What is a CAA membership?

A CAA membership is a paid membership plan that gives you access to roadside assistance services, insurance and travel coverage, and CAA rewards that enable you to enjoy a plethora of benefits.  

Think of a scenario where you’re taking a road trip with your family and suddenly you get a flat tire. Or maybe you’re on your way to camping trip and you run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. Such situations can surely be disconcerting and lead to a lot of worry. 

However, having a CAA membership provides you with valuable coverage that allows you to have peace of mind during such adventures. With CAA, you get the freedom to explore more with confidence. 

One of the biggest benefits of CAA is that our plans provide coverage for the members and not their vehicles. What this means is that you can enjoy all of our services even if you’re not in your own car and are instead just travelling with a friend or relative.

What does a CAA membership include?

Having a CAA membership means you can enjoy roadside assistance services like having your flat tires changed, receiving assistance in case of battery issues, receiving help if you’re locked out of your car, having your car towed in case of an emergency, and getting access to fuel in times of need. 

However, your CAA membership is more than just roadside assistance. 

It also includes benefits like exclusive discounts when taking vacations, extra savings on home, auto and travel insurance, and CAA rewards where you can save money on everyday shopping with our partners. 

1. Insurance benefits

Once you purchase a CAA membership, you can add personal accident insurance coverage of up to $20,000 for an annual fee of $10. The biggest benefit of this insurance is that it covers memberwhile driving as passengers or even as pedestriansFurthermorethe coverage covers you worldwide. 

In addition to that, you can also use your membership to enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on your CAA Home Insurance and a 10% discount on CAA Travel Insurance. Plus, you also have the option of getting an extra 10% off if you decide to bundle your CAA Home Insurance with CAA's Auto Extension Insurance

2. Travel benefits

Having a CAA membership also proves to be beneficial in the case your travel gets interrupted due to your vehicle being disabled. Under a few pre-set conditions, members can get reimbursed for certain out-of-pocket expenses they might have to make like meals, accommodations, and transportation. 

CAA members also receive exclusive discounts when booking vacations through CAA Vacations and can be assured to always get the best prices. Furthermore, you can also save more and earn up to 10% back in CAA Dollars® if you purchase travel accessories, luggage, and auto safety products from CAA stores.

3. Ride assist 

Iinstances where members are not be able to personally drive their vehicles due to health issues, broken or lost prescription eye wear or related vision concerns, and other physical impairments, CAA provides them with essential ride services to their destination.

4. Bike assist 

Ever been in situations where your bicycle has let you down while away from home? Under this free inclusion in your membership, if you run into problems while riding your bicycle, CAA will help transport you and your bike to your required destination.  

5. CAA Rewards

And finallythe most underrated benefit of having a CAA membership is the CAA Rewards program. 

CAA Rewards, which are available exclusively for CAA members, provide access to deals, discounts, and special offers that members can avail at their favourite retailers, shopping stores, restaurants, hotels, entertainment complexestravel partners, and numerous other rewards partners. 

Using CAA rewards, members can save a lot of money and earn CAA Dollars®, which can be redeemed towards membership renewals, vacations, travel merchandise, gift cards, and more.

Find out more about CAA Rewards – one of Canada’s largest loyalty programs!

How much does a CAA membership cost?

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose between four CAA membership levels. These are Value, Basic, Plus, and Premier.

Click here to find out more about the different CAA membership plans!

How to get a CAA membership for free?

Ah, yes! Here we go. The juicy part that you’ve all been waiting for. The secret behind getting a CAA membership for free is to utilize the benefits, rewards, and numerous savings that it has to offer. 

Savings so great that your membership effectively pays for itself, thereby helping you recover costs. 

To understand this more, let’s look at an example. Let’s take a look at Courtney’s story and find out how she was able have her membership pay for itself by reaping its numerous benefits in just one trip. 

Courtney, a Saskatchewan residenthad been having a tough week. The pressure at work and packing to move into their new home was getting to her. She was desperately on the lookout for a mental health break and, after a quick conversation with her husband, decided to take staycation trip 

They decided to take a day trip with their kids to Danielson Provincial Park first. However, since her car was in the shop, she would have to rent a car from Enterprise. 

At Enterprise, as soon as Courtney presented her CAA membership card at the front desk, she was informed of her savings. CAA enabled her to earn up to 10 CAA Dollars® and save 5% on the rental fee. 

Tourism Saskatchewan

Photo credit: Tourism Saskatchewan/Paul Austring

Courtney was nostarting to feel a little happyAll the stress of a hectic work week before now stated to diminish. As they started their journey, her kids started to get hungry. Considering that they had a long drive ahead of them, she decided that they would grab a quick pizza from the Pizza Hut. That way they could savtime while eating those delicious pizza slices while driving to the park.

At Pizza Hut, she realized the restaurant too was accepting her CAA membership card. Doing so allowed her to save 15% off their pizza purchase. 

Finally, they were on their way. After spending a whole day having fun at the park, Courtney and her family decided to head back to Saskatoon. They decided to treat themselves for a night at the Best Western Plus hotel. The CAA membership card came in handy once again as it allowed them to save 10%. 

As they checked into their room and settled in, Courtney thought about listening to some music to relax. She searched her bag for her earphones but couldn’t find them. She soon realized that her daughter, Emily, had left her earphones back at the lake. A smile came upon her face. Nothing could ruin this wonderful day for her, and least of all were earphones.  

Courtney looked at her phone and thought about ordering new earphones online. She recalled seeing The Source as a CAA rewards partner and, therefore, went on their website and made the purchase. She was able to save 20% of her price immediately. 

As the night settled in, she recalled the fun-filled day she had had with her family. The lake, the park, the road trip, the savings, everything was just perfect. This was indeed a much-needed staycation to help her calm her nerves, especially before their big move into their new home next week.  

However, thinking about her new house, she suddenly realized that she was yet to finalize on a house insurance vendor. She and her husband, Jimhad researched a few companies, but were not convinced enough to decide. Courtney instinctively felt like giving the ol’ CAA website a quick glimpse. 

As she browsed through the home insurance section, a sense of accomplishment overpowered her.  

She felt like she had made the right decision in waiting because in addition to providing her with all the standard discounts like new-home discount and claims-free discount, Courtney realized that being a CAA member meant she could save an extra 10% off her annual house insurance premium. 

As her trip came to an end, she figured that adding up her savings, along with the amount that she recovered in the form of CAA Dollars®, she had recovered more than the amount that she had paid for her membership. And the best part was that she did so while doing her usual activities.  

Courtney’s story is just one example of how members can utilize the savings, benefits, and rewards that CAA has to offer and recover the cost of their memberships. It’s a blessing in disguise, especially for budget-conscious peoplebecause the value they get from being CAA members allows them to enjoy their membership luxuries for free. 

So, get started today. Visit the website and purchase your CAA membership at the earliest.

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*Disclaimer: Terms and conditions apply. Reward partners, offers, and prices are subject to change. Visit for more details.

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